Toxicologic pathology to prevent illness

The experience of using medicines in the pharmaceutical industry should be positive. Negative effects need to be prevented. The last thing you want is that medicines are unsafe or for people to experience negative side effects. In order to ascertain the effects, Global Pathology Support is carrying out toxicological research. The goal is to prevent illness by establishing limiting values. A pathologist assesses the safety of medicines, vaccines and chemicals. Pathological changes in the process are identified, which is quite relevant for the industry. If you are working in the industry, you know how important it is to toxicologic pathology is.

Why toxicologic pathology in medicines, vaccines and chemicals is important

Are you interested in toxicologic pathology? And are you wondering why a pathologist has such an important job? The experts of Global Pathology Support are there to tell you more. First of all, toxicology studies and pathology have already proven to be successful in identifying dangerous side effects in substances. With the combination of rodent and non-rodent species with a new pill, 90% of the adverse effects were detected. And these will never be detected in conventional animal studies. Therefore, the importance of the pathology work on medicinal products is shown. It can acquire a proper insight into the safety of products, which can help a lot of consumers.

Toxicologic pathology by an experienced pathologist

In order to conduct toxicologic research, it is mandatory to have a proper education. This should be a 4 years post-academic curriculum as approved by the National registration committees). Moreover, you need to have experience, continuous training and National Board Certification by a recognized institution. The pathologist of Global Pathology Support is experienced and knows how to conduct a research in this manner. With 28 years of working experience, a full member of the Pathology Society of the Netherlands and a member of The Society of Toxicologic Pathology (USA), you know the research is in good hands.