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Solids Solutions, particle and powder technology

The use of small particles and powders in products in industry is often crucial. For example, the composition or substance of a certain product can be significantly improved by adding (nano)particles. However, this requires some accuracy. The properties and characteristics of the particles are of great importance. We do extensive research into this at Solids Solutions. In our laboratory in Delft, we have various instruments available to investigate the properties of different types of particles and powders.

Sedimentation of nanoparticles

The size of particles affects their sedimentation rate in a given liquid. The settling of particles in a liquid is called sedimentation nanoparticles. At Solids Solutions we use this method, also called the pipette method, to calculate the size of specific particles. Stokes’ law is used here. By means of X-rays, we can determine the settling of the particles in time intervals. This ensures that a sedimentation analysis can be carried out in a shorter period of time.

Dynamic light scattering

In order to be able to calculate the size of powder particles, Solids Solutions uses dynamic light scattering. This method is also called laser diffraction. The powder is scattered in a certain medium and illuminated with a laser beam. This provides insight into the scattering pattern of the particles. From this pattern, information can be obtained about the particle size distribution and the particle size.

Knowledge center and academy

Would you like to read more about the research carried out by Solids Solutions? In our knowledge center you can find several publications and articles about our research in the field of particle and powder technology. We also offer seminars on these topics and regularly organize presentations and events. On our website you will find the calendar with current information.