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Safe maintenance with a barred tee

When you are building a pipeline, you may have wondered; how can we perform safe maintenance without the pig flowing into an unintended pipe branch? The answer to this is a barred tee. The cage-like structure of the barrred tee blocks the pig and prevents it from flowing into a branch where it is not supposed to. This way, you can perform a maintance operation without the worry of the pig blocking a branch of your pipeline. has many different tees and fittings available, this way you can always find the right size for your project.

Cunifer pipes are the most durable solution

A piping project in a corrosive environment requires extra care in the choice of materials. Cunifer is a copper, nickel and iron alloy that is highly resistant against corrosion. This alloy is often used in maritime and offshore projects because of its anti-fouling properties. In other words, this prevents micro-organisms and barnacles from attaching onto the surface of the pipes. This makes cunifer a solid and durable choice for any longterm pipeline. has a wide selection of different sizes cunifer pipes and fittings available for your project. Check their collection if you are looking for different sizes of pipes.

Do you need advice for your offshore project?

When you are planning an offshore project, it is important that the construction goes smoothly, as repairs and maintenance is often difficult. Contact an expert on pipes and pipeline projects with any questions that you may have. This way you can make sure that everything goes smoothly during construction of the pipeline. is the leading online expert for all your different cunifer and barred tee projects. Their website containts detailed product information on all of their products and their helpdesk can offer support to any further questions that you might have.