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How to integrate non-destructive material characterization

Did you know that non-destructive material characterization is one of the most reliable impulse excitation techniques? It allows to determine the elastic properties and friction of different materials. Via non-destructive material characterization you can measure the frequencies and measurements to determine the shear Modulus, Poisson’s ratio, Young’s modulus and more technical applications. Think about friction of rectangular bars, cylindrical rods and disc-shaped objects and samples. The professionals of IMCE, based in Belgium, can help you with non-destructive material characterization. Read more below and discover this specific technique in the business.

How does this technique work?

We will gladly tell you more about non-destructive material characterization. It is based on tapping the product or sample with a small object and recording the created vibration trough a microphone or laser vibrometer for example. The vibration signal can be transformed in a frequency domain. User-friendly software determines the resonant frequency, so you can analyse the elastic properties. Let’s have a look at the other benefits of non-destructive material characterization. The temperature range is large, the technique is fast, reliable and easily accessible for you and your co-workers. The restrictions on samples are limited and non-destructive material characterization can be applicated to brittle and porous materials.

Contact them for more information

The co-workers of IMCE, based in Belgium, will gladly tell you more about non-destructive material characterization. Contact them for more information about internal structure, damage, specific techniques and more. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with them when you have any questions or just want to get started. Fill in the online contact form, send them an e-mail or simply phone them to know more about non-destructive material characterization. They have plenty experience with different technical techniques and constantly upgrade and extend their product range and services. Worldwide companies have already experienced their professional approach.