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Exciting and Must-See Attractions in Lanzarote, Spain

There is a lot to do in Lanzarote, and it is all fun and unique. Exploring this arid and wild place in the Canary Islands is an exciting venture. This place is filled with beaches, whitewashed adobes, palm-filled towns and a lot of cacti and fish. There is a magic of art all over this place, and thus, it is a must-visit. The boho breeze and vibe of Lanzarote is going to leave you in love with it. An easy way to see the whole island is to rent a car. There are many companies on island that offers car rental. You can check for quotes at: It is cheaper and easier to book a car online in advance. You can pick up the car att the airport or popular cities.


Therefore, we have summed up the most exciting and fabulous attractions that you can and must-visit while you are in Lanzarote. They are worth your time and are going to make your visit much more thrilling.

Visit the Timanfaya National Park:

This park is home to volcanoes! There is nothing to worry about; you won’t be thrown into fresh bubbling lava here. The volcanoes in this park have not erupted since the 1820s, which is why they have been preserved in the form of a park for tourists. These volcanoes are covering a large part of the island, almost a quarter of it. Now, this place might seem scary to explore on your own, on foot, but the national park has their personal coach for you. The coach will take you on a short tour of the sea of lava with 25 carters. We would highly recommend you to visit this park as it is one of the essential attractions of Lanzarote.

Explore Natural Beauty at Jameos del Agua Caves:

This is one of the most aesthetic and sexy underground locations to visit. One of the most famous artists, Cesar Manrique, gave this save a stunning outlook. His artistry has become the glory of Jameos del Agua Caves. So what is it? This cave system is home to a curvy pool, restaurant and auditorium. You must visit this place as it will give you the perfect aesthetic feel of nature and you are going to dive into its glory!

Head out for Famara Surfing:

Professional surfers love Famara due to its reef breaks. The 5km swathe of sand that this beach has to offer is epic and will make you fall in love with it. Behind the Famara is a cool town that has some of the best cafes, hotels and bars. So whenever you are done surfing, you can head out to dine at a cute cafe. If you don’t like surfing, you can enjoy the beauty of this place or build a sandcastle.

Explore the Natural Swimming Pools in Lanzarote:

Lanzarote is famous for its natural swimming pools which are lined up at the southern and eastern coasts. These are the most natural pools as only rocks and ladders have been added to them, for ease of accessibility. They are not only beautiful but are eye and mind captivating in all ways. These swimming pools are such a calm place to swim at that you are going to feel fresher than ever after unwinding yourself here.


Exploring through the magical spark of Lanzarote is going to leave you thrilled. This place is filled with beauty and art. You will be able to feel the boho breeze of this island all over you, once you are ready to leave! Nothing beats the above mentioned exciting attractions, and we would suggest you visit them while you are there.